5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Go Off Track

5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Go Off Track


A garage door off track is an inconvenience that can leave your car stuck in the garage. Though it may seem daunting, it is usually an easy fix for a professional. Please keep reading to learn why a garage door goes off track.

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Misaligned tracks

If your tracks are not aligned properly, your garage door will likely go off track. Use a level to check both horizontal tracks inside your garage door frame. If they’re not level with each other, loosen the screws or bolts that hold the mounting brackets in place and adjust them until the tracks are level. Once they’re aligned, use the level to check the vertical tracks outside of your frame. The vertical sections of these tracks should be plumb (perpendicular to the ground). If not, loosen the screws that secure the brackets and gently tap the tracks into position until they’re plumb. 

Bent tracks

Inspect your horizontal and vertical tracks for dents, flat spots, or crimps. Use a rubber mallet or hammer to tap out any dents or flat spots; however, if there is a severe crimp in either track, you should replace it entirely, as this damage cannot be repaired.  

If you find bent tracks, gently bend them back into shape with a rubber mallet or hammer but avoid making sharp bends, as this could permanently damage your tracks.  

Worn rollers

Check all your rollers for worn spots, cracks, or chips; any damages to these should be taken care o ASAP as they can cause your door panels to unravel or crack as well as other damage to your tracks. You may be able to repair tiny cracks with epoxy resin. Still, severely damaged rollers will need to be replaced completely.. Damaged bearings can also cause noisy operation and should also be replaced. 

An unbalanced garage door puts unnecessary strain on your opener, leading to the door becoming entirely disconnected from the opener. To check if your door is unbalanced, disconnect it from the opener by pulling on the emergency release cord (usually found dangling near the bottom bracket on the torsion tube). With someone holding the door, so it doesn’t fall and crush you, lift it about halfway up and let go. It should stay in place without issue; however, if it starts falling, you know your door is unbalanced and needs adjustment. 

Loose hardware

Now and then, it’s necessary to tighten up all of the hardware on your garage door, as worn-out or damaged parts can cause the entire system to malfunction. Start by checking all the nuts and bolts on your garage door to see that they’re adequately tightened. Next, check your cables and springs for signs of wear and tear– you see anything that looks questionable, replace it immediately, as snapped cables or springs can cause catastrophic damage(including crushing anything–or anyone). 

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A garage door off track can be a real hassle. From misaligned or bent tracks damaged rollers, and unbalanced doors, there are several common reasons that a garage door may come off track. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. Yearly maintenance for your garage door is crucial to keep your garage door functional all the time. If your garage door goes off track, give SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. a call for fast and expert service. We’ll have your garage door back on track in no time!