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There could be many reasons which can cause your garage door to get off track. Having such an off-track garage door can be dangerous for you. You never know when this garage door could completely go off-track and fall. 


You need to hire the services of a professional company like SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. to get this issue resolved. Let us put your garage door back on its track and make it 100% functional again. 


What Causes the Garage Door to Go Off-Track?

 Here are some of the most common reasons which can cause your garage door to go off-track:

Faulty Rollers 


It is the responsibility of the rollers to roll up and roll down the garage door properly. If there is any issue with the rollers, you can witness your garage door going off-track. If too much weight is on the rollers for any reason, this can cause the bending of the horizontal tracks. The result appears in the form of garage door off-tracking. 




Your negligence in moving your car in and out of the garage can cause the garage door to go off-track. You may be in a hurry and did not notice that your hit on the garage door caused a disturbance in its alignment. It would help if you took proper care while moving your car through garage doors. These accidents can also cause other damages or even damage the garage door permanently. 


Broken Springs 


Spring is one of the most critical components of your garage door. A damaged spring can cause the weight of your garage door to be put on one side only while leaving the other side with a lesser importance. This imbalance of weight can make the garage door go off-track. 

Low-Quality Parts 

Having a garage door with low-grade parts not only diminishes its performance but also disturbs its alignment. There is no solution for this problem other than replacing the garage door parts with new ones that are more reliable and long-lasting. It would help if you never relied on low-quality parts at all. Doing so will add to your stress and maintenance costs.


Expert Services for Garage Door Off Track 


We’re here to help. Call the professionals of SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. to get your garage door assessed. We conduct a complete inspection of all the ins and outs of your garage door alignment to determine the significant issue. We will adjust the alignment of your garage door to perfection. 

We’re not done here. We aim to achieve the optimum satisfaction of clients. We leave no stone unturned to save you from recurring maintenance work. Our team will also suggest other required repairs which we may find during our inspection. 


We’re Licensed,  insured, and Bonded.


We’re not your ordinary service providers. We have served residential and commercial clients with our garage door installation, repair, and replacement services for the last 10 years. We endeavor to utilize our experience to the fullest of your benefit. Each professional in our team is well-equipped with the right skills and expertise to cater to your diverse needs like a pro. 

We are equipped with all kinds of parts that your garage door needs. It does not matter whether your garage door is a conventional one or a modern one with a sleek design; we have all kinds of parts to bring your garage door back to its good condition. Call us now and let us know if your garage door seems off-track. Our team will get back to you in no time.

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