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Having a garage door opener is fantastic for your convenience. You don’t have to open and close garage doors manually. But what if your garage door does not seem to work by the functionalities of the opener?


Indeed there is some issue with the opener. Wait no longer and call the professionals of SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. to have your garage door inspected by our team. We take a few minutes to diagnose the core issue with the garage door opener and fix it in no time. 

You don’t need to troubleshoot the issue yourself. You may damage other parts of your garage door while trying different repairs yourself. The best decision is to call SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. to get your garage door opener repaired or replaced in its current condition. 


Common Garage Door Opener Problems 

Here is a quick sneak peek into some of the most common problems which you may face with your garage door opener:


Remote Does Not Work At All  

A remote can control a garage door. If you pick up the remote but do not move the door at all, you should first check the wall switch to move the garage door. If the garage door moves using the button but shows no movement using the remote control, the issue is with the remote. Our professionals inspect the remote properly to decide whether it needs battery replacement or if a new remote needs to be bought. 


Remote Work, But the Door Does not Move 


The next major issue could be with the opener itself. Check if the garage door opens using the switch and remote as well. If none of them moves the door, but your garage door opens manually with no issue, then the problem is with your door opener. It takes some time to check the opener to diagnose the subject thoroughly. No matter what the case may be, we promise to restore the functionalities of the opener. 


Incorrect Force Control Settings 

It may seem strange when your garage door reverses itself after touching the ground or reopens itself after closing. But this issue is quite common. The reason for such odd movement is the improper adjustment of the force control settings. If you don’t understand the instructions mentioned in the manual, then the right decision is to call professionals to adjust force control settings for you. 

Dysfunctional Motor 

If you see no power in your garage door opener motor, the right approach is to detach the motor when the door is closed. Doing so will keep you safe from getting hurt by the abnormal closing of the door. After separating, our professionals restore the motor’s power and reattach the motor once the power is restored.


We’ve Got the Best Solutions for Your Garage Door Opener 

All you have to do is to call the professionals of SoCal Garage Door Repair Inc. instead of trying out any DIY garage door opener repairs. We are industry-leading professionals with extensive experience dealing with garage door opener issues. We will bring back your garage door to its top-notch condition. 

We offer garage door opener installation, repair, and replacement services according to the required solution. You don’t have to immediately replace your garage door opener simply because it is not working. Call us for an immediate inspection. We will suggest the optimal solution that suits your needs and budget. 

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