socal garage door repair

A malfunctioning garage door can be frustrating, and sometimes it can become a safety hazard for your household. There are various possible garage door issues, several of which could indicate it’s time for a door replacement, while some malfunctions can be fixed with a replacement part. If your garage door is acting up, contact a professional in garage door repair and garage replacement in the Irvine, CA, area. The cost associated with any home repair varies, and it’s the same with garage doors. However, understanding the itemized charges you might see on a repair estimate helps you know exactly what repairs are performed on your garage door.

The service life of a garage door is between 10-20 years, but you may need to replace the springs much sooner.


Garage Door Estimate

After the inspection, the technician should provide a garage door repair estimate. Each repair should be itemized, including all parts required to complete the repair, labor costs, and additional charges such as weather sealing. New garage doors come in various styles and functions, so the price will vary. Ask about service warranties and get them in writing before agreeing to the installation.

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If the inspection indicates you need a new garage door, there will likely be a fee for removing and hauling off the old one. Installing a garage door is a labor-intensive process; the old one must be removed before a new one can be installed. Some companies that perform garage door installations in the Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo areas also recycle old garage doors.


There could be additional costs for replacing a garage door. If you live in an older home and the new garage doors are more significant than the current ones, the installation team may have to resize the opening to accommodate the new one. In addition, if there is a wiring issue and new wiring is required, there could be additional fees for that service.


Some garage doors have one spring, and others have two. If the springs need to be replaced, the metal cables connecting the springs will also need to be replaced, and a labor cost will likely be added.

If a garage door panel is damaged, it is possible that a replacement panel could be installed instead of a whole new door, which will save you money. The panel will need to be ordered from the manufacturer or a supplier who carries that line of garage doors if the replacement company doesn’t have your brand of garage door model. Ask about any fees that will be charged in addition to the panel, including shipping charges, replacement parts, color matching charges, and service fees.

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Several other factors go into the cost breakdown of garage door repairs and replacements. These are more minor details but also essential factors that can affect your bottom line:

    • Locks: 
    • Buyers now have the option of installing a lock on their garage door motors, making your door even safer and more effective at protecting valuable items. It’s an added safety measure to protect your belongings and adds to the garage replacement price.

    • Geographic Location: 
    • Your area determines many things, including your garage door design. If you live in an extreme climate or an area with very high winds, extra design precautions might have to be put into place to increase the durability of your garage door. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it will counter more repair costs down the road, but it’s something to keep in mind as you go about the process.

    • Materials and Design: 
    • Costs based on materials and design can fluctuate significantly based on the quality you’re looking for. You’ll likely have to spend more on durable, reliable materials. This can also affect the price if you want to include windows or an elegant, multicolored style. You may be going for appearance and want your garage door to stand out from the rest, or you may be going for a simple function, depending on your preference.

    • Resizing: 
    • You might have to resize your garage door if you have a larger vehicle or store something like a boat. The cost of resizing depends on the amount of labor needed and the specific logistics of the job.

  • Insulation: 
  • The better your garage door has, the more expensive it will probably be. This could be worth it if you’re looking to offset energy costs and live in an area that gets extreme heat or cold. Be sure to examine the advantages of an insulated garage door and determine if it will benefit you.

Due to the costs of repairing and replacing a garage door, finding a garage door repair professional who can guide you through the process with the care and experience needed to do the job right is crucial.